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My Experiences at Mozilla Hot Hacks: Two Awesome Days

This past weekend myself along with many of the Popcorn.js team in Toronto – Chris DeCairos, Bobby Richter, Dave Seifried, Jon Buckley, Scott Downe and Kate Hudson – were apart of the Mozilla event Hot Hacks, which is apart of the Living Docs Project from Mozilla. The idea behind Hot Hacks is bringing developers on the web together with documentary film makers to rapidly prototype web documentaries and make some awesome experiences.

Unlike my colleagues I was assigned the task of being a floater amongst all the projects. I went where help was needed and did what I could. This led me to helping three total projects over the two days: Following Wise Men, Turcot Interchange and Immigrant Nation. It was a unique experience because I got to involve myself with multiple filmmakers and experience their ideas on making their documentaries interactive on the web. Admittedly, some of the contributions were smaller than others but it was fun none the less.

These kinds of events are great because I feel they have helped me gain new ways of looking at solving problems. When you are presented with designing and then implementing something unique and interesting in such a short time frame you quickly learn how to work and accomplish goals like these in new ways just as unique as the projects themselves. At the same time I know I definitely couldn’t have taken on the role of being a main developer on one of these teams. I’m no where near the capability of pulling off some of the awesome stuff seen there during two days. I do hope to be there sometime soon. Maybe for the next one!

If you want to take a look at some of the demos, they are available at the links below:

Following Wise Men
Looking for Los Sures
The Message
Turcot Interchange

As a final note, I really want to thank Mozilla. It truly was and awesome experience and a really fun time. Can’t wait for the next!