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Popcorn Maker – Sync all the Medias

Rather than be quiet about the cool things I do I’m going to actually blog about this and explain it to give everyone a better idea of what MediaSync is.

So, what is it?

MediaSync is basically all about making it easy to pull in the media of the web into the tools of Webmaker and make it easy to add them to the things you are currently making. For now this is limited to Popcorn Maker and simply performing search queries against these services ( YouTube, SoundCloud, Flickr and Giphy ). In the future however this will include being able to use this in other area’s of Webmaker but also potentially from other sources and having the ability to really create your own set of media that persists with your Webmaker identity.

How do I use it?

Fear not! It’s actually fairly simple. For the already initiated to Popcorn Maker, you will first notice a new user interface for our Media editor. We have sectioned it off into tabs to make distinguishing what you are using more obvious and ( hopefully ) intuitive.

First, the My Media section. This area of the Media editor is almost identical to what was previously there with exception to some text changes. At this point, My Media is all clips/media you have added to the project currently. This will include anything added via the text box above (just like before) but also anything you add as an event when searching.

Second, the Search for Media section. This area is where all the magic happens. You simply select a service from our drop down and start typing your search into the text area and then hit the Search button that appears!

Searching functions just like it would when going to that service on your own. No hidden surprises.

If you see the dancing cat, it means he is processing your request and will return with results shortly.As you can see, the results are shown in a familiar fashion to anyone who has used Popcorn Maker before. All you have to do is click on the given thumbnail and that media will be added to your project!

You can easily find more results than what’s initially listed by clicking through our paging controls.

So find your favourite YouTube video, all the cat gifs you could possibly imagine and let your imagination fly. It’s now super easy to quickly create some cool projects!