OSD700 – Release 0.9

The journey is nearly complete and more work has been done!

I figured out why I broke video playback in the original demo I tried to show the linkage of my mozPlaybackJitter statistic. I was originally trying to also subtract the frameDelay from my calculation at the time. The problem is when it’s going through the first time there literally is no value for this yet. I’m fairly certain this is what the cause of the problem was.

This then brings me to the issue of solving the second part of the equation. I am fairly confident that Ei (Desired duration of frame i spent on the screen) was being calculated correctly as this information was available to me in the VideoData argument of nsBuiltInDecoderStateMachine::RenderVideoFrame, from there simply passing that into VideoFrameContainer::SetCurrentFrame. The second part, Ai (Actual duration frame i spent on the screen) is a little bit trickier. Eventually after looking around it a little bit more the thought of using the passed in argument aTargetTime of SetCurrentFrame and subtracting mPaintTime in ImageContainer from it. In my head at least this value should represent the actual time the frame spent on screen.

The next part of the problem is converting it all down to one type. As it stands I haven’t been able to figure this one out. The information I get for Ei is of PRInt64 type. The target time and paint time of the last image/video frame are both of TimeStamp type. From everything I can tell there doesn’t appear to be a way for me to convert these into some sort of similar type (preferably TimeDuration, as this would allow me to convert it to various measurements in seconds).

The final part of the problem is the fact that most of the people who would be able to assist me with this area of the code all live in/around Australia making for a massive time difference. Oh yeah, it’s a long weekend right now to boot!

I also took on Bug 686913 as a quick addition. Also to help get back into things as I had to take some time off at various points. This one isn’t too difficult but it’s different at the same time because I have never had to deal with changing the class entirely that one inherits from. The main difference here is dealing with all those NS_FORWARD declarations. I pushed my patch to try and there’s probably more fails than what would normally be desired.

I also spent some time looking into Bug 723020 which involves adding column information to window.onerror allowing for more detailed error information for developers. The problem I’m left with here is the W3 bug linked doesn’t, from what I can tell, have any information on where this spec is now. I wanted to go read up on it as it’s definitely interesting but I’m stuck there.

For our final release I hope to have my video statistic implemented and finished. Perhaps even staged. Along with that I want to be able to finally get some work done on this new one as well as it’s very interesting to me.

Till then!


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