Implementing Video Playback Statistics in Firefox – Part I

So for my final push this semester I, along with Dave Seifried, will be implementing some of the missing video statistics for Firefox. Not only is this something that is sort of the culmination of every little bit that I have learned in this process but it’s something I will be able to put my name to forever, something tangible that I can say I have done and the average person (Okay who am I kidding, the average developer) will be able to see on the surface and use.

For starters I am looking at implementing playbackJitter, based on the spec seen here. According to the spec it is something that only pertains to video elements so instead of declaring my attribute in nsIDOMHTMLMediaElement.idl I will go with nsIDOMHTMLVideoElement.idl as that just makes more sense in my mind.

Playback jitter, at least from what I understand, is basically the desired amount of time spent on screen for a frame minus the actual amount of time spent on screen. I’m guessing it should be for all frames but that’s something I’m going to have to question a bit over in #media.

At this point I don’t know what type it should be. For now I’ve gone with a double because at this point I only have a basic getter working. I imagine I’ll figure this out once I take a look around some of the classes VideoElement inherits from as I’m guessing it already has some of the information I am looking for, along with plenty of stuff in good old nsBuiltinDecoder.

That’s it for now. Going to be diving into this over the next few days!


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