I borked something!

I’m so proud. No really, it’s awesome.

Anyway, over our reading week I noticed myself getting a bunch of bugmail from a bug that I couldn’t recall ever CC’ing myself to. This was rather strange I thought, so I figure I would check it out.

The ticket starts off at first with people looking which nightly build was the cause, trying to find the exact regression point. Eventually they made their way to my simple dumb fix for Unprefix Blob.mozSlice, basically just removing the moz prefix which is apart of an ongoing process/debate about adopting better standards because of WebKit on mobile browsers. Removing these prefixes will help prevent a situation in the mobile browsing market akin to Internet explorers dominance during the 90’s.

Anyway, it turns out I broke the fast upload feature for registered accounts on Mediafire. They can no longer upload files in FF13+.



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