OSD700 – Release 0.6

Truthfully a smaller release than what I wanted, at least in quantity of work accomplished. This release relied more on research along with trial and error. Although even then, still lacking in my opinion.

What I think is most important from me in this release is the fact that I am transitioning to more difficult tasks. Things that require a decent bit more thought behind them.

My work has been primarily involved in two tickets.

Bug 720768 – Add an equivalent to DispatchToSelf in nsContentUtils
Bug 516811 – “load” events for poster image loads bubble out

With Bug 720768 it seems pretty simple on the surface because of some of the work I have done in the past. All that needed to be done was remove duplicate code that appears in multiple places and add a helper method to nsContentUtils that will cover the removed codes functionality. The problem here comes with dealing with the version of the code in SmsManager.cpp. When initializing this event there is a static cast being done which is completely different than how it is done in any other place in the code. At this point I’m trying to speak with some of the people experienced with that area of the code because from what I can tell/what I know, I don’t think it can be done completely with this one method.

With Bug 516811 there is a problem with the load event for a videos poster image. This one is going to involve adding a new method that will catch the load event itself so I can suppress it and fire out a different one instead called mozposterloaded event instead. I’ve looked over some of the code plenty and it’s going to involve some work with the EventStateManager. Time to open up some of the mouselock code and talk to Steven, Diogo and Raymond some to get an idea of where I should be looking!

Again, rather short on this release. I wish I was able to do a lot more work but other things (cough PRJ666) take up too much of my time :/

See you in two weeks!


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