OSD700 Release – 0.5

Another two weeks gone by and times are getting even busier! I’ll admit from the get go, I definitely didn’t get nearly enough done as I wanted. However, I still got work done across four tickets.

Bug 698381 – Make Node.cloneNode’s first argument (aDeep) optional, default to true
Bug 698381 Branch

Bug 718274 – Add ::DispatchTrustedEvent and ::DispatchEvent to nsContentUtils
Getting Access to and Using the Mozilla Try Server

Bug 720768 – Add an equivalent of DispatchToSelf in nsContentUtils

Bug 725289 – Remove the moz prefix from Blob.mozSlice
Bug 725289 Branch

If you read my blog with any regularity (I.E You are my mother), you may have noticed I posted a bug that I did work on in my last release as well. I have not done additional coding work on this bug, however it did push me to get a level one Mozilla hg account which allows me to push builds to their try server. This is incredibly beneficial because it allows me to run their over 600000+ tests on multiple systems all at once. Try doing that on your own machines!

I also took two new bugs. With 720768, I was tasked with adding another utility method to nsContentUtils. The point of nsContentUtils is to reduce code and have one instance of this code. It not only cuts down on confusion but it’s much easier to maintain. The only issue that I have come across with this ticket is the one subtle difference in one of the areas where this would be used. When they are initializing the event they are doing a static cast on the result. I’m not quite sure how to work around this to be honest and it’s that one issue that has left me at a stand still with that ticket.

With 725289, it was pretty simple. Change the nsIDOMFile.idl, change all the places where this method was declared, change the tests using this method. With all the work I’ve done in previous ones this took no time at all.

After working on 725289 I was actually able to see that just putting numeric values in the method calls for the optional argument counter was actually an A-OKAY thing to do, at least in C++ land. That allowed me to have a patch finished for 698381 tonight quickly. Hoping this will cover most of what they want, other than probably a test.

Where to go from here
I want to find more challenging bugs to work on. I’m glad that I’ve worked on all these various tickets because they have allowed me to touch various bits of the code here and there, gaining a better understanding of it all little by little. I’d love to find something big like Jon Buckley’s implementation of crossOrigin attribute for the video element. While that one may be a little bit too much, I’d like to aim for something close.

Till next time folks! Get Hacking!


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