More CloneNode Work

At this point I’m a little stumped with the bug only because what one person suggested to be to do doesn’t make sense based on my knowledge. It was suggested to me that I consider writing an overloaded version of the cloneNode method but I’m willing to bet my errors in regards to places in code looking for a 3 argument version rather than 2 are because I’ve missed something somewhere. It just doesn’t seem like the correct fix.

In the mean time I’ve started the process for getting level one hg account so I can start running some of my patches on the Mozilla Try server. Hopefully I will get this soon so I can finish off Bug 718274 for good!

As well I’ve gone an grabbed another bug. This one involves adding more functionality to nsContentUtils. A lot of the upcoming features with Firefox are implementing a method called DispatchToSelf, all of which have common functionality in them. Basically I’m going to change things up to help save some code here. Should be fun!

Anyway, that’s all for an update this Sunday. Happy Hackin!


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