My Venture into fixing a bug on Bugzilla: So it Begins.

While hanging around in the #seneca channel on reading through what I had missed on our advancements/discoveries with implementing MouseLock I noticed ted mentioning some silly and easy bug that humph should totally fix. Then I made the comment “Easy bugs are always nice”, or something along those lines anyway.

Boy what a mistake THAT was…..

Just kidding. While it honestly at it’s core is an easy fix there’s a lot of little things I will have to do first to ensure I can submit patches properly because I use git over mercurial. The biggest thing I will be learning is just going through the process of fixing a bug with Bugzilla. There are obviously a lot of hoops and rings of fire that I’ll need to jump through to get my patch through and accepted; Imagine if it was actually a complicated change! Sharks with Lasers maybe?

I’m happy it’s an easy fix because honestly I’m not that talented of a programer. I love open source and definitely want to be involved with this kind of process more as it’s a lot of fun but my theoretical knowledge is definitely lacking. I don’t know if that’s typical or not of someone who has only been programming for two years now or not but oh well.

Anyway, this will be covering my 0.4 release for our open source class and it should be a blast. If you ever want to view information on the ticket you can look at this link here (Bug 334573), or add yourself to the CC list if you want to stay up to date on what’s happening with it.

Till next time….


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