Tumblr Plugin! 0.2 Release! Oh Joy!

Another long week has come and gone and I am here to do some updating! (Otherwise known as housekeeping since it’s kind of mandatory)

Today is the due date for our second release in the OSD600 course. We are supposed to show that we have adapted ourselves to the open source community and shown that we have made measurable contributions to the community that we are involved with, or something along those lines at least. I feel that I have been able to achieve that goal for a few reasons.

  1. I am accustomed to the coding convention styles that the community uses in all of their files. One common problem I had before the first release was that my code wouldn’t pass reviews because of conflicts with style. I have been able to learn from that and only had one minor incident (which truthfully I was surprised I did as I thought I had caught them all) when getting my ticket #740 approved and staged for the 1.0 release of Popcorn.js .
  2. I have actually come up with the solutions to most of my bugs on my own. This is mainly because I simply have a better understanding of the Javascript language now and everything doesn’t seem like nearly as daunting of a task now as it did before. I can’t make the claim that I’m some sort of expert or something with Javascript but I’m happy with the progress I am making.

Current Tickets
Anyway, on to the tickets that I worked on this semester. In addition to #740 linked above I am working on (Still! I know!) the tumblr plugin. I’m happy that I can say that the Facebook plugin is now completely redone and should be much more efficient as well as the testing that went along with it. Now the unit tests that are provided for the plugin are more robust and also test a lot more situations than the previous incarnation did.

Unfortunately at the same time I’m kind of disappointed with myself and the amount of work I did get done for the tumblr plugin. It still isn’t in a functional state because of the difficulty I am having writing the callback function handling the returned JSON from their API. On the plus side once I do have everything working all of the demo html and unit testing files are complete and ready to be used. The other issue that I need to figure out is how to use an oAuth key as it is required for the followers type.

The branches for each ticket can be found below:

Overall I am happy with the work that I have accomplished and I look forward to finishing this ticket finally for our 0.3 release along with whatever else I pickup along the way!


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