Progressing towards our 0.2 release

Holy crap this thing is creeping up on us fast. It’s hard to believe that we only have until the end of Thursday this week to have it in and completed.

I’ll admit I wanted to be farther along now than I am. I’ve finished the facebook plugin updates for now and am waiting on my final ticket to pass reviews and be staged. I’m fairly confident it will pass unless I missed something that needed to be implemented because of what I have learned from my previous finished tickets. With those I had failed review for smaller details with style that I never noticed before along with merge conflicts. However I have learned from these and made sure I checked for everything before my final commit and updating the ticket on lighthouse.

As far as my tumblr plugin goes it’s still in an non functional state. I really need to set aside a larger portion of time to get that callback function working so I can hopefully have some of the features working for our 0.2 release. I’m hoping to have something more presentable by Wednesday, but I’m just hoping I have enough work done to be considered for a decent mark in our 0.2 release.

Sorry for the vague and kind of rushed post here. Unfortunately OSD600 isn’t the only course I have to worry about this semester along with my job 😛

See you all later this week!


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