Testing for 0.9 Release of Popcorn and Processing JSONP

Gees. Ment to blog about this a fair bit sooner in the week but I guess I just forgot/was lazy or something along those lines. None the less I’m here to provide some insight on the work I’ve been doing since my last blog post.

After getting the work done for our 0.1 release for OSD600, it was the 30th of September and I was on my way out from classes that day when Dave Seifried asked me if I wanted to come down and help them run some of the many test suites they have. I decided I would as it would help provide some insight into the kind of work that goes into a major release, just how much scrutiny things were under and why there can be such harsh requirements when it comes to getting some of your code accepted.

You can see the kind of work we had to do here in this testing ticket where people were required to say what test suites you ran, what browsers and what operating system you were using. As you could see there were a number of issues with Opera due to one bug and issues with some of the parsers running on OSX Lion. It’s key that you run these kinds of tests often because things can change and no longer function for unforeseen reasons. If you don’t then you run the risk of it becoming a major problem for the people who use your software.

As far as my work goes the two tickets I currently have, I admittedly haven’t been able to put in as much work as I may have wanted to. Been busy with other class work and then seeing friends over this long weekend but that doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything!

I have most of ticket #740 done but there is this one problem I haven’t been able to figure out. In my demos the comments plugin does load just fine but for some reason it will cut off any comments if it’s trying to display 2 or more, but only on MY browser. Dave looked at it and for some reason it’s functioning just fine on his.

In my other ticket #350 I still don’t have anything working yet here because frankly I’m having difficulty figuring out how to write the javascript callback function to process the JSONP returned. Hopefully I get something going here soon because this is the real ticket that will show I’m learning something when it comes to more complex Javascript.

Apologies for the late blog post this week folks. Just slipped my mind with everything else that has been going on.


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