Learning to write JSP Pages!

With the summer semester being a light one, I figured my time would be well spent working ahead for EJB605/DBJ565 by learning as much on Java Enterprise Edition, specifically writing Dynamic JSP Web Pages, as possible. Besides, the project my group is working on for PRJ566 is planned to be implemented with JSP over .NET/C#.

One of the books (ISBN#:9781590599044) I ordered finally arrived today. Never knew it would prove so damn difficult to Tomcat and everything else running properly on my Macbook but alas, I have done so.

I don’t have anymore time today to read more and learn, but for now I wrote a basic page that will tell you your IP and Browser (if it’s IE, Firefox or Chrome). Oh and of course it says Hello World too.

Anyway, that’s all for now.



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