Monthly Archives: February 2011

And so it begins….

I’m back, sort of. I wasn’t really much of a blogger before but I’m thinking it will be good for me to get used to doing it regularly, perhaps once a week or more. I may not need to do it right now but I plan on getting into the open source professional options with Seneca @ York and it will be something expected of me there. So, rather than wait until then let’s try and make it something I do regardless if it’s expected or not!

This semester the only programming course I am taking is JAC444. Over the next two semester’s I hope to be taking many of the Java courses here at Seneca as well as one or perhaps both of the OSD professional courses before heading into the BSD degree when I’m done with my CPA diploma.

Anyway, first assignment is done for the most part with Java. Still need to do one or two things in terms of setting up the final JAR file to hand in but otherwise it’s done. Going to have to spend some time over the reading week looking into some of the options for our second assignment, a GUI based game. Should be lot’s of fun.

Anyway, sorry for the waste of blogging space. See you all next week!